Trustee Board


TAN is overseen by a board of Trustees and supported by a Board of Advisors who provide unbiased insights and ideas from the third point of view to encourage and support the exploration of TAN's vision and ideas


Executive Board

TAN is Administered by an Executive Board headed by an Executive Director who assisted by a Deputy Director


The Executive Director

  • The Executive Director functions as the Chair and Head of the Executive Board, responsible for bringing leadership and direction to the organisation and its day-to-day operations.

Deputy Director


  • The Deputy Director assists the ED and doubles as Engagement and Capacity Building Lead.


The General Secretary


  • The General Secretary assist the ED in his responsibilities to effectively organise the affairs of the Organisation.



  • Director, Operations and Programmes

  • Director, Finance

  • Director, Research Policy Planning Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Director, Communication, Media & Public Relations

  • Director, Healthcare and Delivery Policy

  • Director, Environment & Climate Change  

  • Director, Legal Affairs

  • Director, Education and Training

  • Director, Information and Technology

  • Director, Human Resources & Administration



Regional Directors

  • Responsible for departmental functions and other operations of TAN Activities including recruiting and managing volunteers at the Regional Level

Sub-Regional Youth Coordinators

  • Serving under the supervision of Regional Directors, who coordinate and supervises all youth programmes, and development work including Leadership and Skills Training and activities in all areas within the administrative jurisdiction of a respective region.