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TAN is a Global Coalition of Youth Development Advocates building Partnerships with Youth Empowerment Stakeholders to implement change initiatives to accelerate Development in Africa. TAN is an independent and Not-for-Profit Organisation founded in 2018 by Africanus Annan with headquarters based in the United Kingdom registered in the UK (under section 1115 of the Companies Act 2006) with Registration Number 14781752. TAN has other regional offices based in Bolgatanga, Ghana and in Dar Salam, Tanzania.

TAN’s vision originated from Change Makers International, a youth advocacy group, that started in Ghana in 1996. It was an idea that sort bringing together young people to influence change in communities and other areas of human development. The idea has evolved over the years to focus on empowerment and capacity building to create opportunities for the African Youth.

About Us

TAN is a Leadership, Empowerment and Networking initiative driven by individuals of common interest that inspire positive actions to address the issues impacting young Africans and their challenges as grassroots, national, regional, and international activists and advocates of change. 

Africa’s Youth is the most critical and influential human capital the continent can depend on for development. We strive to equip and create opportunities to enhance all initiatives by the African New Generation of Leaders to take ownership of development to enforce the change the continents need for Growth. We are concerned about the young Educated and Skilled African population not having the chance to participate in major National and continental Issues that affect their future. Our team decided to build the platform to empower the African Youth who are poised and ready to create change.

​TAN  sets the Platform to Engage the African New Young Leaders and all Stakeholders in dialogue and debate critical, sophisticated, discourses on national issues to agree on ideas, strategies and alternative solutions that would engineer the processes of Change that Africa needs to develop.

​Our team has many years of experience working with young people in various settings teaching, coaching, and mentoring. We also have experience in Leadership, Governance and International Relations, International Security, Policy Development, International Law, Finance, Business Management, Project management, Diaspora Engagement, and Media & Technology. ​We network and organise Conferences, Seminars, Coaching & Mentoring, physical and online Workshops & Capacity Building programmes by using our bespoke methods.


​To be the Hub for Networking, Educating, Empowering and Developing the African Youth to reshape Africa's Future.



TAN exist to provide the platform to engage the New Generation of African Leaders in developing the Political, Socio-Economic and Cultural Agenda of the Continent through Strategic Empowerment Initiatives.

Creating Networking opportunities for the New Generation of African Leaders to engage major players in shaping Africa’s Economic Transformation and Development.


Main Goal


1. To empower the New Generation of African Leaders to Champion the Africa Agenda of Growth and Sustainable Development

2. Influence Policies and Lobby African Governments for more youth participation in governance and to introduce the study of Leadership programs at all levels of Education.



1. Empowering young people in Africa to use the fundamentals of economic, political, environmental, and social responsibility to create positive change within themselves, for their nations, and for the continent as a whole

2. Empowering the African New Generation Leaders to take ownership of development

3. Facilitate youth development initiatives to drive development on the African Continent

4. Rally relevant stakeholder interest and commitment to promoting African Youth participation in discussing the Africa Growth and Sustainable Development  Agenda

Core Values


Leadership: We are committed to demonstrating effective leadership within all our work and field of interest, pursuing alternative solutions to address the challenges facing the Youth.

Service: We put people first by making intentional decisions and making sure our actions benefit all within our network.


Responsibility: We have a collective responsibility for the success of TAN and we ensure that African youth are equipped to reach their full potential and take ownership of development in transforming the Continent through education, skills, and jobs, for Africa’s Youth to be the most important driver of economic growth.

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