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Project Goal:

The agricultural sector needs to engage youth in order to increase global food production. In doing so, TAN is partnering with Feed The World (FTW) and other International Networks to mobilize resources to invest in Africa’s Food systems for Youth Job Creation, Food Security and Climate Resilience.

Importance of Youth in Agriculture:

Youth engagement in agriculture is essential for a prosperous and sustainable future in the agricultural sector. Young people bring fresh ideas, innovation, and energy to the sector. Their involvement is crucial for the sustainability and growth of the agricultural industry. By engaging youth in agriculture, TAN will ensure the transfer of knowledge from older generations and promote the adoption of new technologies. We intend to engage the youth in agriculture in addressing the challenges of food security and rural development.



Our project is strategically structured to Empower young people to become entrepreneurs in the agricultural field for economic growth and poverty reduction. With help from our global partners, TAN will create capacity-building opportunities in Education and training programs, access to finance and resources, and technology adoption to promote youth involvement in agriculture. By implementing these strategies and sharing success stories, we hope to inspire and motivate young people to pursue careers in agriculture.


Vertical Technology


Mechanised Farming


Greenhouse Technology

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