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The Conference is set up as a Networking strategy, to advance TAN’s mission to make the necessary impact on the African youth. It will focus on ‘Transforming Africa Now’ – Now regarding the urgency of policy initiatives to find strategies to engage governments and policymakers at regional, national, and international levels on the most important issue facing Africa: how to feed itself whilst creating wealth for its citizens, especially the youth. The conference will further explore all the necessary opportunities and networking in Europe to empower the new African generation of Leaders who are poised and ready to create this change.


AYIAC aimed at addressing the challenges faced by African youth in the agricultural sector. This conference marks a significant collaboration between stakeholders in agriculture, youth empowerment organisations, and governmental bodies to create a platform for African youth to engage, learn, and contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture in Africa.


AYIAC aims to bring together young people from across Africa who are interested in agriculture and provide them with a platform to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and explore innovative solutions to the challenges facing the agricultural sector on the continent.


Africa boasts a vast potential in the agricultural sector, making it a critical driver of economic growth, poverty reduction, and food security. However, the sector faces various challenges, including an ageing farming population, limited access to modern agricultural practices and technologies, insufficient financing, and climate change. A holistic approach towards engaging, empowering, and equipping African youth in agriculture is crucial for sustainable agricultural development.


Target Audience

  1. African youth aged between 18-35 years with an interest in or currently engaged in agricultural practices but open to everyone interested in Agriculture.

  2. Representatives from youth organisations, NGOs, governmental bodies, and private sector entities working in youth empowerment and agricultural development.

  3. International organisations and donors interested in supporting youth-led initiatives in agriculture.

  4. Agribusiness experts, investors, and mentors willing to share their experiences and provide guidance to young entrepreneurs.

For further enquiry and information about the Conference and Registration, email

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